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The secret to mid-career success

The secret to mid-career success

Advice to the young is plentiful. What about advice for those in mid-career? October marks the start of the second half of the financial year in Japan, and just...
school boy is standing with strong hands on blackboard behind him

The best break in life is being empowered

What does it mean to give someone a “break” in business? In my opinion, a break is not about a single opportunity or a nudge in the right direction. It is reall...
Rakathon Builds Synergy at Rakuten Crimson House West

Rakathons and beyond! Steps to innovation

From every corner of the business world we hear it: Innovate or die! Innovation is the driving force of business today. No longer is it sufficient to provide...
Englishnization helping with cross-cultural communication

Japan’s new business language

In March 2010, I stood before several thousand mostly native Japanese speakers and addressed them in English. From now on, I told them, Rakuten would conduct al...
father and son playing on sunset beach

Advice that sticks: The wisdom of my father

My father, Ryoichi, passed away in 2013 but his words remain with me today. This summer, the book we co-wrote, “The Power to Compete,” was listed by Bill Gates ...
Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles win the Japan Series Championship in 2013

Common sense or just fear of failure?

New ideas die every day because someone alleges they go against "common sense." But what is “common sense,” anyway, and who defines it? I think using this ar...