My Rakuten Experience: Aru

Aru is Assistant Manager of the Budget Planning Project Team, IT Planning Department

Details of Current Role

I’m primarily in charge of putting together the budget for development costs for the development unit, budget planning and budget analysis. I create data by analyzing each month’s cost predictions and business unit allocations, then create reports that visualize the analysis to allow for more effective considerations to be made. A workplace such as mine is really rare in that it enables me to gain skills related to IT and management while at the same time gaining experience related to finance and budget planning. It really feels rewarding. I enjoy doing my work as I engage in a variety of tasks such as cost calculations and conducting analyses, as well as developing, building and integrating new tools for data visualizations.


Current Environment

As well as at my own desk, we’re also able to work in free spaces, which makes for a flexible workplace. I can relax and enjoy my work in a way that’s comfortable to me. The company has a dry cleaners and hair salon, as well as a gym, so I can save on time spent outside of the company, and increase the time I spend with friends and family. Rakuten’s variety of divisions is another one of its characteristics. Going forward, I’ll have the opportunity to be in charge of finance, EC and communications, in order to build up experience with financial planning and accounting work from different perspectives. Such breadth of possibility also motivates me.

Rakuten provides a breadth of possibility, which as a big motivation factor for employees such as Aru.
Rakuten provides a breadth of possibility, which as a big motivation factor for employees such as Aru.

Skill Improvements

Through my previous jobs, I gained experience in both systems and accounting. After I joined Rakuten, I was able to get involved in the cost calculations and final capitalization adjustments when performing the system development for new ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning). This allowed me to gain skills relating to coordinating both systems and accounting, as well as improving my communication skills. In order to continue strengthening these skills, I’m also participating in training courses and conferences held both locally and internationally. At networking events, I can exchange information about experiences and ideas with professionals from outside of the company and efficiently learn new methods.

Careers at Rakuten

In the short term I want to gain experience in departments related to fintech such as banking, credit cards, and security. After that I hope to keep improving my skills at a variety of business units. My long term goal is to work at a division responsible for the company’s overall finance planning. My dream is to use the cost management experience I’ve built up and make contributions to company-wide financial planning and accounting work. I would like to be a leader with deep insight into cost drivers that are heavily related to planning, formulation, and execution of management strategies, as well as budget allocation and management.

Rakuten's workplace offers plenty of flexibility and perks to let employees work productively and comfortably.
Rakuten’s workplace offers plenty of flexibility and perks to let employees work productively and comfortably.

What do you like about Rakuten’s working environment and its systems?

The fact that it’s full of challenges. I’m currently working to improve budget allocation on both the development side and business side, and also making efforts to develop frameworks.

How many projects are you in charge of at the moment?

Budget planning for the development division, per-month development cost allocation and analysis, as well as process improvements and automation, so three in total.

What do you do in your time off?

I like to go to theme parks with my family, or go to concerts and places with live music with my friends.
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