Rakuten.Today is a new thing for us. We realized that news is no longer written in black and white newspaper ink, but increasingly in the 10 million or so pixels visible to the human eye. We wanted you to experience the same colors that we see everyday at Rakuten.

The BLOG, is pretty straightforward, which is why we decided to call it a blog. Look here for news and updates from Rakuten, but don’t expect everything. We operate over 80 services in nearly 30 countries so we hope you can appreciate the need to be selective here.

RAKUTEN FUTURE FORUM is dedicated to coverage of our new global event series, Rakuten Future Forum, where some of the world’s most fascinating people come together to discuss the power of the Internet in addressing some of society’s biggest challenges and opportunities.

MICKEY’S VOICE is a space for our founder and CEO Hiroshi “Mickey” Mikitani to share his insights on the state of global business and Rakuten and your place in it.

The ABOUT page should be pretty clear by now. But if you are looking for something a little more specific, maybe our corporate homepage will have what you are looking for.