Insights from Rakuten International at MWC Barcelona 2024

On Day 1 of Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024 the Rakuten booth theater hosted a special Rakuten International Showcase, featuring a trio of CEOs from across the Rakuten Group.

First up, Rakuten International CEO Amit Patel provided an overview of the organization’s diverse range of businesses, including the potential of these entities to help mobile operators boost retention, engagement and monetization. Rakuten Viber CEO Ofir Eyal then delved into the core offerings of the popular messaging and communications app, offering insights into the company’s future trajectory. Wrapping up the session, Rakuten TV’s CEO and President Cédric Dufour provided an overview of the streaming platform’s innovative content services.

Watch the full session below to hear how these leaders are shaping the future of e-commerce, digital content and communications.

Rakuten International’s Showcase session at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024.
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