Andres Iniesta named new global brand ambassador for ASICS

ASICS’ new brand ambassador, Vissel Kobe star midfielder Andres Iniesta, has some fresh, high-tech shoes to fill.

Just months after his arrival, the former FC Barcelona captain continues to turn heads with the unique playing style and sportsmanship that he is known for around the world. Sports media have followed Iniesta’s every move since he announced his transfer to Vissel Kobe, and fans have been flocking to Noevir Stadium to see the superstar in action.

At a press conference held at ASICS Japan’s office in Tokyo today, the master midfielder took the stage with ASICS Corporation Chairman and CEO, Representative Director Motoi Oyama to announce a new global partnership with one of Japan’s most respected sportswear brands. Iniesta joins the ranks of Novak Djokovic, Yuya Osako and other world-class athletes to further boost the sportswear brand’s profile on the world stage.

Andres Iniesta is ASICS newest brand ambassador.
ASICS has welcomed Andres Iniesta to the family.

A symbol of Japanese quality and values

A true sport performance brand, ASICS enjoys a stellar reputation for high quality, high performance athletic footwear, apparel and equipment. For decades, ASICS shoes have been the primary choice for athletes across a wide variety of disciplines for their attention to detail and cutting-edge footwear technology.

Vissel Kobe's Andres Iniesta holding his new boot.
Iniesta unveils ASICS boot.

Since releasing its first soccer boot in 1962, the ASICS brand has maintained a strong presence in the world of football—including as a major sponsor of Iniesta’s new team: Rakuten’s very own Vissel Kobe in the J.League. The new partnership with Iniesta promises to consolidate that presence by utilizing the expertise and experience gained from Iniesta’s nearly 20 years at the pinnacle of the football world.

“I am extremely excited to be part of the ASICS family,” commented Iniesta. “I am committed to inspiring others to move more, as well as elevating the game from grassroots levels in Japan to bridge the gap between Asian football and the rest of the world. I believe this move is another positive step in making this happen.”

The Iniesta boot

In addition to promotional roles, ASICS announced that they would also be working with Iniesta on product development—an undertaking that has apparently already begun. The company revealed a new boot specifically catered to his unique style of football based on the DS Light X-Fly 4, the newest in ASICS’ line of boots, famous for their lightweight yet durable construction.

The new boot will be molded specifically to Iniesta’s foot, and feature a kangaroo leather upper to ensure maximum comfort while providing soft foam cushioning in the toe area to retain an almost “barefoot” level of sensitivity that compliments Iniesta’s world-famous precision play. The combined soleplate and heel counter significantly reduces the weight of the shoe without sacrificing durability. Meanwhile, the inside of the boot boasts a snug grip for the player’s foot which, together with microfiber on the inside of the tongue, serves to relieve pressure points and create a vacuum-like fit.

Iniesta will soon be sporting his new kicks on the pitch in front of J.League fans.

Iniesta's new ASICS boot comes in crimson red.
Iniesta’s new boot comes in crimson red.

The company plans to release the “Iniesta boot”—a version of the newest ASICS’ line in Vissel Kobe colors—to shoppers in Japan. The shoe is slated to go on sale in November at select Japanese ASICS stores and official Vissel Kobe retailers in Japan, including Vissel Kobe’s official store on Rakuten Ichiba.

Will Ambassador Andres’ new ASICS partnership bring more exciting innovation to football footwear in the future? Stay tuned to find out.

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