Rakuten Optimism

Rakuten Optimism touches down in San Francisco on October 23, 2019. Here's what you can expect from San Francisco’s most optimistic event

Rakuten is bringing Optimism to San Francisco

Rakuten Optimism is returning to the U.S. Now in it’s second year, the conference addressing the hottest trends in digital marketing, e-commerce, mobile ne...
Although our partnership with KonMari Media is new, we have been in sync with her philosophical outlook since the inception of Rakuten.

Why we’re partnering with Marie Kondo

A global company like Rakuten has many partnerships — from sports to tech and beyond — but few are more personally resonant to me than the one we recently anno...
At Rakuten Optimism in Japan, Industry experts discussed the exciting ways 5G mobile phone technology will transform our everyday lives.

5G: Connecting people to everything

5G is all about super-fast connection speeds and near zero latency. It’s the feeling of having a mobile fiber-optic connection in your pocket, wherever you go....