Reimagining innovation: Looking forward to Rakuten Product Conference ’24

Innovation is rarely simply the byproduct of individual brilliance. More often, it is the result of conversations — conversations that challenge, inspire and prompt individuals to rise above the ordinary. Rakuten Product Conference, the flagship technology symposium from Rakuten India, is held each year with this ethos at its core.

Slated to take place virtually on May 21 and 22, Rakuten Product Conference ’24 will be live streamed from Rakuten Crimson House Bangalore under the theme of ‘reimagining innovation’ with two key paradigms: Enterprise SaaS and Artificial Intelligence(AI).

This year’s RPC focuses on the theme of reimagining innovation, focusing on Enterprise Saas and AI.

A Synthesis of Humanity and Technology

Panel discussion moderated by Ewa Szymanska, Rakuten Group Executive Officer and Global Head of Rakuten Institute of Technology,
Panel discussion moderated by Ewa Szymanska, Rakuten Group Executive Officer and Global Head of Rakuten Institute of Technology,
at Rakuten Product Conference 2023.

Enterprise SaaS and AI are key factors leading the charge in tech innovation, helping businesses run smoother and grow faster. Through insight-packed keynote sessions and interactive panel discussions, RPC ’24 aims to demystify the complexities and reimagine innovation in these fields. Beyond learning, this is also a platform to connect with people who share a passion for technology and meaningful dialogue.

“At Rakuten India, we believe that innovation isn’t solely about cutting-edge algorithms or machines, it’s about cultivating meaningful human connections and teamwork,” remarked Anirban Nandi, Vice President of AI Products & Analytics at Rakuten India. “We’re genuinely excited to host the fourth edition of Rakuten Product Conference, emphasising Enterprise SaaS and AI; and bringing together cream of the crop data scientists, artificial intelligence enthusiasts, experts with keen focus on enterprise SaaS solutions and innovators globally.”

Discussions will be led by an impressive line-up of experts from Rakuten Group and other leading companies in the industry.

Rethinking Enterprise SaaS

Day one will commence with an opening address from Sunil Gopinath, CEO of Rakuten India and Executive Officer of Rakuten Group, followed by keynote speeches from Akihito Kurozumi, Group Senior Managing Executive Officer, CIO & CTO of Rakuten Group, and Tsubasa Shiraishi, Vice Chairman of Rakuten India.

Throughout the day, talks will revolve around Enterprise SaaS, covering topics such as integration & interoperability, performance & scalability, emerging technologies, security and ethical considerations. Esteemed speakers, including Vani Kola, Managing Director of Kalaari Capital; Sanjeev Mantri, MD & CEO of ICICI Lombard; and Anupam Arun, Country Head & SVP of Cvent, will address these subjects in their keynote speeches.

There will also be two panel discussions focused on Enterprise SaaS, featuring Aya Inoue, Managing Director of Accenture; Amit Srivastava, VP of Sales at Rakuten India; Gaurav Arora of The xMonks Drive; Sameer Shariff, Founder & CEO of Impelsys; and Kiran BR, VP, Rakuten India.

The day will draw to a close with remarks from Anurag Batra, Chairman & Editor in Chief of BW Businessworld, and Nalini George, Chief People Officer of Rakuten India.

Mapping Future Possibilities with AI

Day two of Rakuten Product Conference ’24 will shift the focus to a topic that has been dominating headlines and boardroom discussions alike: Artificial Intelligence.

Sunil Gopinath will once again set the tone for the day with an opening address, followed by keynotes from Ting Cai, Group Senior Managing Executive Officer and Chief Data Officer of Rakuten Group, and Taku Okoshi, Executive Officer and Director of the AI Services Supervisory Department at the Technology Services Division of Rakuten Group.

The day’s keynote sessions will explore the complex dynamics between humans and AI, the myriad applications of this transformative technology and discuss the ethics of AI’s ever-expanding capabilities. Keynote speakers for this segment will be Ranjani Mani, Director and Country Head of Microsoft India; Dr. Vishnuvardhan Pogunulu Srinivasnulu, Founder & CEO of SML; Ravi Vijayaraghavan, Chief Data Analytics Officer and SVP of Flipkart Group; and Gautam Bhargava, VP and Head of AI Engineering at Krutrim.

Closing out the main sessions of the day will be a pair of riveting panel discussions on AI safety and AI’s role as the new internet. The panels will include distinguished leaders like Amit Rana, Head of Machine Learning & Gen AI platform at Flipkart; Dr. Vibhanshu Abhishek, CEO and Co-Founder of Alltius; and Dr. Shriram Kris Vasudevan, Lead (Technology) Evangelist, Asia Pacific and Japan at Intel Corporation.

For more details about Rakuten Product Conference visit here.

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