Tech Experts discuss Rakuten’s unique AI approach at MWC Barcelona 2024

Continuing its dominant run as the telco industry’s buzziest topic, AI was a key theme throughout Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona. Throughout the four-day event, Rakuten’s booth was a hub for AI discussions, demos and forward-looking insights. Headlining the company’s booth theater on Day 3 was a special AI Showcase featuring three experts from Rakuten Mobile, Rakuten Symphony and the Rakuten Group, who came together to share their unique perspectives on today’s most transformative technology.

In a panel session moderated by Appledore Research’s Robert Curran, Rahul Atri, OSS BU president at Rakuten Symphony; Madhukiran Medithe, Chief data and AI officer at Rakuten Mobile; and Ting Cai, Chief Data Officer at Rakuten Group explored the impact of AI in revolutionizing operations in telco and enhancing customer experience.

Born from a mission to share Rakuten Mobile’s pioneering mobile network technology with telecom operators worldwide, Rakuten Symphony is an industry leader in telco automation and AI. And through its unique embrace of virtualization, Rakuten Mobile has offered a perfect playground to apply AI.

From a Rakuten Group perspective, mentions Cai, the company is on a mission of AI-nization, leveraging AI as much as possible across the Rakuten Ecosystem to empower clients, partners and employees.

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