The most wonderful time of the fear: Rakuten shows out for Halloween 2023

In the autumn’s embrace, leaves gently take flight and chilling winds whisper their tales in the night. It’s the scariest season, second to none, when Rakuten readies for Halloween fun!

Halloween is here once again, and for Rakuten employees, that means costume contests, Halloween parties and even special festive lunch menus. As in years past, Rakuten’s global offices dressed up in droves in frightening and fantastic costumes and had fun with their fellow teammates.

Check out some of the best, ‘bone-chillingest’ getups from this year’s Halloween 2023 at Rakuten Group.

Feeling Ken-ough surrounded with many Barbies.
Feeling Ken-ough surrounded with many Barbies.

Global offices creeping’ it real this Halloween

Halloween was not just celebrated in Tokyo – Rakuten employees from all over the world took part in the haunting festivities. It was a global celebration of festive fun, showcasing the diverse spirit of Rakuten across borders.

At Rakuten International, employees competed in the company’s fourth annual Halloween Costume Contest, which saw winners walking away with some ghastly good prizes. Employees also had the chance to enter Rakuten’s global costume contest, resulting in some friendly competition and much creativity among participants.

Yea Chef! We're loving this "The Bear" inspired look.
Yes Chef! We’re loving this “The Bear” inspired look.
Squad ghouls.
Squad ghouls.

Want to see even more remarkable costumes and dynamic decorations? Check out these Halloween blog posts from year’s past.

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