Rakuten Viber debuts giant leap forward in global strategy with its toolkit for all businesses

In an era where personalized customer experiences reign supreme, Rakuten Viber has taken a significant leap forward in its global strategy by launching a new suite of business tools. The latest offering marks an expansion of Viber’s capabilities, positioning the app as a communications hub for a wide range of businesses.

Today, nearly 60% of online shoppers express their willingness to abandon brands that fail to personalize their content. To meet these evolving expectations, businesses are increasingly turning to customers’ preferred messaging apps to deliver tailor-made experiences. Viber, with over one billion downloads on Android alone, has recognized this demand and responded by expanding its suite of tools. The new toolkit will provide businesses with the means to reach new customers, build and retain loyalty, and drive sales effectively.

The first solution to roll out on this platform is a free, self-serve communications hub designed specifically for small and micro businesses. This hub allows businesses to seamlessly engage with local customers, manage incoming queries, enhance their discoverability and, most importantly, drive sales. Viber has additional value-added services in the pipeline for medium-to-large business accounts, promising a comprehensive suite of tools that cater to businesses of all scales.

Rakuten Viber enables small and micro businesses to seamlessly engage with local customers, manage incoming queries, enhance their discoverability and drive sales.

Elevating customer engagement: A look at Viber’s latest business tools

Viber’s inspiration for the free offering to small and micro businesses stems from the success of its Viber Business Accounts product for enterprise-level companies. In 2023, Viber recorded a 26% increase in business accounts created and a substantial 31% year-over-year increase in delivered business messages, further underscoring the demand for such solutions.

Viber’s business toolkit includes a host of valuable features for business owners directly managing their customer conversations.

A public business profile allows businesses to create searchable pages sharing essential details with users both inside and outside the app. 1:1 customer chats now enable real-time communication with customers. And, with discoverability through Viber search, businesses can leverage Viber’s search feature to attract and retain loyal customers, helping users locate local products or services by name or category.

In addition, new dedicated chat folders separate customer and personal messages for a professional experience, with a business inbox folder also available. The product catalog feature allows business owners to add and promote products, letting customers explore and inquire about offerings directly through chat.

Viber’s self-serve business account allows businesses to seamlessly engage with local customers.

Empowering small enterprises in Greece and the Philippines

Currently, Viber’s self-serve business accounts are available in Greece and the Philippines, with plans to expand to more countries later on. The company has also announced upcoming features like broadcast messages, voice calls, and quick and automatic replies, taking communication for small business owners to the next level.

Early testers are reporting positive results. Nene Tamayo, a Philippines-based shop owner, uses Viber to connect with customers, allowing her to provide a personal touch to conversations that foster loyalty.

Eleni Petroulaki, a fitness and nutrition expert in Athens, praises Viber for helping her build stronger relationships with customers. “From connecting instantly with customers to showcasing my services, Viber has not just been a platform, but a partner for my growing business,” she said. “My presence on Viber allowed me to build stronger relationships and ensure long-term brand loyalty with my customers.’’

Cristina Constandache, Chief Revenue Officer at Rakuten Viber emphasized the significance of the new toolkit. “Our mission is clear: to offer customized services for enterprises of all sizes. For those seeking growth, we deliver solutions that pave the way right within the app. With Viber as a growth partner, businesses have a communications platform for adapting to new challenges that arise on their business journey.”

Viber’s new toolkit for business signifies a major step towards making digital business communication more inclusive for companies of all sizes. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Viber’s commitment to connecting people – no matter who they are, or where they are from – will ensure that businesses have the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive world.

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