Marketers look toward the future at Rakuten Marketing’s Experience 2016

Technological innovation and shifts in consumer behavior have completely transformed the marketing industry, making the role of the marketer more powerful – and more complex – than ever before.

On November 1, industry leaders will gather at Rakuten Marketing’s inaugural Experience conference to discuss the topics on the minds of modern marketers. The full-day event features speakers and moderators from Acorns, AdExchanger, Birchbox, Dexter, Facebook, Gilt, Independent Journal Review, Lyft, Pinterest, Poolhouse, Trade Desk, Kenneth Cole, NewCo, New York State, Slice Intelligence, The Grommet, Viber, Yahoo! Finance and more.

Rakuten.Today will be on-site to capture and share important issues on the minds of modern marketers and success stories from those who have made a meaningful impact. Here is a preview:

Keynote by Barbara Corcoran: How to Build a Powerful Brand

Barbara Corcoran, known for having built the most successful real estate brand in New York City, will reveal tips, insights and anecdotes on creating a powerful brand.

Panel 1 – The Empowered Marketer: Turning Inspiration into Action

Marketers’ jobs today are often so complex they call for a team of artists, data scientists, technologists and even fortunetellers. Panelists will discuss the keys to powerful marketing now, how to find inspiration on even the busiest day and how to turn ideas into action.

Panel 2 – Emerging Tech and the Future of Reaching Consumers

IoT. AR. AI: Emerging technology is changing the way we behave and shop. This session will cover what emerging methods will succeed in capturing consumers’ attention and which strategies are on the way out.

Panel 3 – From the Streets to the Runway: The Evolution of Influencer Marketing

Like many of today’s fashion trends and top bloggers, influencer marketing was born in the mid-90’s. Since then, it has become a must-have strategy for fashion brands. This panel will explore the evolution of the influencer through the eyes of those pushing the industry further than ever before.

Panel 4 – Digital in the Name of Public Service: What Retailers Can Learn from Politicians and Activists

Modern politics is a great arena to learn about fast-paced, dynamic marketing, especially in the 2016 election year. This panel will discuss the strategies behind developing trends that appear to be established so rapidly through hashtags, how will the soon-to-be elected president of the United States affect marketers and the impact of instantaneous technology on communication.

Panel 5 – From FOMO to JOMO: Will Social Rule Advertising?

The act of social shopping has gone from an afternoon of lunch and window-shopping with friends to group texting and news-feed scrolling. Expert panelists will discuss how to adapt a marketing strategy to reach the new social shopper, online.


Register here and find out first-hand how data-driven strategies, emerging platforms and social media can and will influence consumers.

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