Mickey's Voice

Mickey's Voice

Hiroshi “Mickey” Mikitani is the founder and CEO of Rakuten. He understood early on that the Internet would revolutionise commerce and set out to build a business that would empower people to pursue and fulfil their business dreams online. In 1997, along with a small team, Mickey launched Rakuten Ichiba and its pioneering marketplace business model in a small Tokyo office. Since then, Rakuten has built one of the world’s most comprehensive service ecosystems and, while lesser-known outside Japan, become a global leader in internet services.

Empowering people and business through the Internet continues to be Mickey’s passion. “Mickey’s Voice” serves as just one window into the world of Rakuten, global business, entrepreneurship and innovation today.

Rakuten CEO Mikitani makes a point of speaking directly to employees around the world, answering their questions and explaining the reasons behind major company decisions, a practice critical to generating – and maintaining – buy-in.

Getting your team on board

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Rakuten's new logo tells the story of what the company hopes to achieve in the coming year. Here's the meaning behind the Rakuten "slash."

Our New Logo: Speed and Unity

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Hiroshi Mikitani answers audience questions: I recently asked a question on LinkedIn: “What would you like to know about me or Rakuten?” It was humbling to have received so many responses.

The big questions you wanted to ask

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