Tech, talk and tradition at the Davis Cup by Rakuten

Fans who visited the Davis Cup by Rakuten Madrid Finals 2019 in November hoping for a unique experience were not let down. In its new format, the 119-year-old “World Cup of Tennis” delivered some of the best matches of the year, and to the joy of the hometown crowd, ended with a breathtaking victory by the Spanish national team, led by the legendary Raphael Nadal.

And the experience was not limited to on-court action. In its first event as Global Innovation and Entertainment Partner and Global Presenting Partner of the Davis Cup, Rakuten took the off-court fan experience to new heights by combining elements of its current portfolio of services, its heritage and a glimpse into the future of entertainment.

A visit to the fan zone gave attendees the opportunity to relax between matches and catch a 4K movie on Rakuten TV, check out the latest book releases on best-in-class Kobo e-readers, or have their name written in Japanese calligraphy on a limited-edition Rakuten tote bag. Even the German and Russian team athletes couldn’t pass up the opportunity, stopping by to take part in the festivities and spend time with fans.

Visitors moving around the venue came across the Rakuten VR zone, which allowed them to experience behind-the-scenes tours deep into the heart of the stadium. The attraction also let fans take a 180° video or commemorative photo of friends and family with the championship cup.

The interactive fun didn’t stop at the court entrance: Rakuten took the entertainment to the next level by having fans catch the match tennis ball with Catch of the Match, capturing fans’ emotions with the FanCam on the jumbotron, and sending helpful messages to players via Rakuten’s messaging platform Viber.

This year, Rakuten worked hard to inject entertainment and innovation into every aspect of the Davis Cup. With Rakuten and the Davis Cup working together to ace the live fan experience, tennis lovers can look forward to more exciting opportunities ahead.

Missed out on the VR experience in Madrid? Grab your VR glasses and head over to Rakuten Arena to experience the pure emotion of the Davis Cup from the comfort of your own home.

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