Shoppers have embraced the internet but they have not abandoned the process of visiting physical retail stores.

Why brick-and-mortar stores are here to stay

Physical retail has a bright future. This may sound counterintuitive – especially coming from a company like Rakuten, which was founded as an e-commerce mark...
Rakuten unveiled Rakuten Ichiba for Mobile in September 2000. At a time when the vast majority of internet shopping was done on PCs, Rakuten Ichiba was the first service to offer a true e-commerce offering for feature phones.

Mobile! Mobile! Mobile!

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Rakuten's founding in 1997, Rakuten Today presents a series of special posts exploring Rakuten's unique history, culture an...
The research reveals two important things: that mobile C2C platforms like Rakuma are growing, and that millennials are joining in.

C2C e-commerce on the rise: Japan survey

Consumer-to-consumer commerce is experiencing something of a renaissance – particularly in the digital realm. The internet's potential to facilitate C2C comm...