Rakuten Europe makes shopping in the UK, Spain and Germany more entertaining with cashback rewards

When Rakuten started its journey in Europe more than a decade ago with the acquisition of the French marketplace now known as Rakuten France, few could have foreseen the diverse network of services that make up Rakuten Europe today. With the opening of new offices in London, Paris and Düsseldorf to lead Rakuten Symphony’s expansion into the EMEA market, Rakuten added another element to its presence in the region. Rakuten now offers services in the region from e-reading, video streaming and messaging to advertising expertise, blockchain technology research and its recently launched cashless payment app, R-Pay.

Rakuten Pay, Rakuten’s convenient cashless payment service, launched in Europe in 2021.

Now, following the example set by Rakuten in the U.S., which has rewarded nearly $3.7 billion in cashback to shoppers, Rakuten Europe brings Rakuten Group services and hundreds of brands to members in a more dynamic and rewarding way — by introducing cashback in Spain, Germany and the UK.

In 2022 we’re celebrating Rakuten’s 25th anniversary – what started as a online marketplace in Japan has grown into a diverse group of innovative services for your everyday online needs – and we’re ever-evolving, adapting to consumers’ needs. By introducing cashback in Europe, we’re committed to not only attracting more members, but to offering members a more flexible rewards system that fits their individual shopping behavior.”

Toby Otsuka, CEO of Rakuten Europe.

Shop. Earn. Easy.

Members on Rakuten.co.uk, Rakuten.es and Rakuten.de can now earn up to 30% cashback on online shopping trips at more than 700 global retail partners like Booking.com, Lego, Asos, Nike and many more. Earned cashback can be transferred to a member’s bank account or directly to their PayPal account.

Cashback Confirmation
Shop. Earn. Cashback. Members can transfer their rewards directly to their bank or PayPal accounts.

What’s even more convenient: Rakuten does all the deal hunting, while members just shop and save. The Rakuten browser extension does all the work of finding the deals and will notify users whenever Rakuten cashback is available.

“Our Rakuten Points program is inspired by Rakuten’s popular loyalty program in Japan, which has awarded more than 2.5 trillion points (a value of around $23 billion) to members. That’s why points will continue to be at the very core of our membership vision and the key pillar of our Rakuten Ecosystem experience.”

Toby Otsuka

Points can be spent on hundreds of rewards: Gift vouchers for shops like Zalando, Mankind or Decathlon, movies on Rakuten TV, Kobo eBooks and audiobooks, Viber credit — or on Socios.com fantokens to support your favorite football club.

With the introduction of cashback in Europe, successful trials for Rakuten’s cashless payment app R-Pay and its evergrowing suite of offers, Rakuten Europe is set to make the next decade another one led by innovation, growth and Omotenashi — the famous Japanese hospitality, which is defined by attention to detail and anticipating the needs of the customer.

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