To get a sense of the extent of Rakuten’s commitment to the region – as well as the vision for the future – we caught up with the CEO of Rakuten in Europe,

Rakuten and Europe: The perfect fit

With Rakuten’s sponsorship of iconic football club FC Barcelona and a strategic brand integration kicking off last year, recognition of the Rakuten name in Euro...
AI practical applications

AI and the Intelligent Society

The emergence of the Intelligent Society will change our lives in many ways. Often experts point to icons of the sharing economy, such as Uber, Lyft and Airbnb,...
Cedric Dufour delivers a speech at the European Commission on anti-counterfeit measures.

Fighting counterfeits in e-commerce

I am a proud Frenchman working for a proud Japanese-owned company, Rakuten PriceMinister. Both my homeland and the homeland of our parent company take great pri...