CNBC visits Rakuten in London to catch a glimpse of the future of retail

In October 2017, Rakuten was invited to be part of CNBC’s “IOT- Powering the digital economy,” a special documentary series looking at how digital innovation is reshaping industries around the world. In this segment, CNBC explored the origins of the e-commerce model at Rakuten, took a look into Rakuten’s latest initiatives with drone delivery to isolated areas of Japan and asked about the state of data privacy regulation in Europe. The program also introduced the innovative, personalized fitting service offered by Rakuten Fits Me for the online fashion shopper.

Rakuten.Today was on the ground at the new London offices to catch behind-the-scenes shots of broadcast journalist Juliet Mann interviewing Toby Otsuka, CEO of Rakuten Europe, and Arjen van de Vall, President Europe.

See photos highlights above and watch the full CNBC segment here:

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