My Rakuten Experience: Tatsu

Tatsu is Vice Manager of the Business Promotion Section for the Regional Economy Vitalizing Business in Japan.

Current job

The mission of the Regional Economy Vitalizing Business, to which I belong, is to solve regional and social issues by utilizing various Rakuten Group assets. Our main duties are budgeting, budget control and business planning, as well as management for all types of internal operations. We are also responsible for conducting improvement activities and promoting cross-functional projects within the business.

When I joined Rakuten in May 2020, it had been less than a year since the initiative was launched. Therefore, I started by restructuring business operation management and establishing Key Performance Indicators and Profit & Loss management. Currently, my responsibilities involve creating an environment that enables each team to achieve their business targets. Additionally, I act as the point of contact for corporate functions within the business, liaising with other departments.

Since my second year at Rakuten, I have also been working for the Regional Data Consulting Group, which develops and promotes data utilization programs for local governments across various functions within the business. Examples of these programs include “RakuDash,” a data analysis tool for local governments and “RakuDemy,” a data utilization workshop. These initiatives accelerate support for solving regional issues by utilizing Rakuten solutions.

Tatsu's role involves him to solve regional and social issues by utilizing various Rakuten Group assets.
Tatsu’s role involves him to solve regional and social issues by utilizing various Rakuten Group assets.

Why Rakuten?

I joined Rakuten in May 2020, after working for 10 years in marketing strategy and sales planning for a cosmetics manufacturer. Throughout my career, I have actively participated in community volunteer activities. It was during a period when my awareness of regional vitalization was deepening, and I felt a strong desire to give back to the community by sharing my own experiences, that I discovered Rakuten. I was greatly attracted to the scale of Rakuten’s corporate operations and the wide range of areas it covers.

I made the decision to join the company because I believed I could contribute to solving regional issues by utilizing its vast resources. Another decisive factor in joining the company was the diversity of the employees who interviewed me. I was convinced that working for a company with employees from diverse backgrounds would greatly benefit my personal growth and outlook in life. I am proud to say that I am now working together with a diverse group of individuals inside and outside of the business, leveraging Rakuten’s various assets to empower society.

Career development

Adapting to rapid change and achieving goals within a short period of time will challenge your skills. I personally experienced this soon after joining Rakuten when I was assigned the urgent task of restructuring our posting and billing operations. Maintaining a broader perspective on the overall business, understanding the technical terms and managing risks presented significant challenges.

The experience of successfully achieving these goals led to substantial personal growth. Regardless of the complexity of the task, it’s crucial to move forward with clear objectives and goals in mind. To accomplish this, I quickly work to gain an understanding of the current situation, devise necessary actions and collaborate with a diverse group of people to achieve these goals. I believe that the cumulative effect of these efforts has contributed to my personal and professional development.

The appeal and real joy of working at Rakuten

The great appeal of Rakuten lies in the broad scale of the company and its vibrant corporate culture, characterized by a sense of speed. One example of this is the group-wide ASAKAI, where valuable opportunities arise to receive information about company operations from upper management. The environment at Rakuten fosters the potential of each individual and supports the careers and growth of its employees. This corporate culture encourages employees to take on challenges if they express their willingness to do so.

For those aiming to advance their careers, the opportunity to leverage Rakuten’s vast amount of data is perhaps the most significant aspect. What I find particularly intriguing about my role is the significant involvement I have with other departments. By collaborating with various service departments and back-office departments, I am able to engage with a wide range of areas. For instance, when we work on a project to develop a data utilization program for local governments, I often find myself not only cooperating with consultants within the business but also with development, legal, accounting, compliance and security teams, as well as other departments that are the actual data owners of the services we provide.

Tatsu finds that the appeal of Rakuten lies in the company's vibrant corporate culture, which is characterized by a sense of speed.
Tatsu finds that the appeal of Rakuten lies in the company’s vibrant corporate culture, which is characterized by a sense of speed.

-What are some things that being at Rakuten allows you to do?

I can contribute to addressing various challenges faced by local communities by leveraging my marketing expertise and knowledge of data utilization which I have cultivated through my business operations. Some examples of this include driving sales for local products through Rakuten Ichiba, attracting tourists through Rakuten Travel and boosting donations through Rakuten Hometown Tax Payment. It is incredibly rewarding to be involved in these initiatives while actively contributing to regional revitalization. I believe that this work is directly linked to the mission of the Rakuten Group: “Empowering people and society through innovation and entrepreneurship.”

-Future Goals

I will continue to strive towards creating new value and actively engage new services and businesses. In particular, I see great potential in the art field and would like to expand its presence within Rakuten Group. I believe that “art” and “local communities” share common characteristics in the way value and possibilities can be discovered within them when they are approached from fresh perspectives. There is a natural affinity and compatibility between art and local communities, and there are many successful examples of this combination worldwide. I look forward to broadening my horizons through exciting discoveries and new encounters as I embark on this new venture.

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