No tricks. Just treats at Rakuten for Halloween 2022

Halloween is back at Rakuten! Employees from around the world celebrated spooky season in style this year wearing a wide range of fun, frightening and fantastic costumes. As in years past, employees also enjoyed other Halloween-themed festivities, from Halloween happy hour to special cafeteria menus.

Cafeteria chaos with Kaonashi.
Cafeteria chaos with Kaonashi.

This year’s in-house Halloween events saw some favorite fictional characters visit the halls of our global offices, including blockbuster movie stars and iconic anime characters. Indeed, the week was full of creative costume ideas, ranging from spooky to kawaii.

Here are some of the best snaps from Halloween 2022 at Rakuten Crimson House headquarters in Tokyo.

Bewitched in team meetings.
Bewitched with team meetings.
We found Waldo... three of them!
We found Waldo… three of them!
Despicably delightful minions.
Despicably delightful minions.
Strutting the office hallways in mission-ready style.
Strutting the office hallways in mission-ready style.

Halloween was also celebrated at several offices overseas, including Rakuten Symphony India, Rakuten Asia Pacific in Singapore, and Rakuten Kobo in Canada. Here are some of those pics:

The Teletubbies marching into Rakuten's APAC HQ in Singapore.
The Teletubbies marching into Rakuten’s APAC HQ in Singapore.

We thank all of our terrifyingly-talented team members for making Halloween 2022 such a memorable event at Rakuten!

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