GenAI to take center stage at Rakuten Technology Conference 2023

The year’s hottest tech topic, generative AI, will be the focus of Rakuten Technology Conference 2023, an annual event, which brings together business leaders, engineers, researchers and tech enthusiasts from across the globe to explore the future horizons of technology.

The 15th edition of Rakuten Technology Conference will take place on Saturday, November 18, with free entrance for participants. The event’s theme of “AI-nization” acknowledges the revolutionary impact of generative AI on the technology landscape. Talks and discussions will delve into the future of technology intertwined with AI and its potential to drive innovation across various domains, including cloud computing, e-commerce, fintech and mobile technology.

Leaders from Google, Ampere Computing and CrowdStrike to headline

As in years past, the conference will feature a keynote speech from Rakuten Group Chairman & CEO Mickey Mikitani as well as a wide array of industry leading speakers, including Sean Varley, Chief Evangelist & Vice President of Business Development at Ampere Computing LLC and Scott Jarkoff, CISSP & Senior Threat Intelligence Advisor at CrowdStrike, Inc.

Erwan Menard, Director of Product Management & Customer Activation at Google’s Cloud AI division will join Rakuten’s Chief Data Officer and Group Senior Managing Executive Officer Ting Cai for a special talk session on unlocking the value of data through generative AI and Sharad Sriwastawa, Co-CEO and CTO of Rakuten Mobile will speak on the topics of mobile and AI.

Also set to the stage are Yasufumi Hirai, Group Executive Vice President & Chief of Staff to the CEO, Akihito Kurozumi, Group Senior Managing Executive Officer, CIO & CTO and Rohit Dewan, Executive Officer and CTO of the Technology Platforms Division.

The event’s focus on AI and its transformative impact on business and society will be a continuation of conversations that took place at Rakuten Technology Conference 2022, which included a similarly fascinating focus on the realms of tech and AI, Rakuten Product Conference held in Bengaluru and August’s Rackathon hosted by Rakuten India.

Recognizing inspiring and innovative technology

Once again, this year’s event will hold the Rakuten Technology Excellence Awards, which annually recognize individuals and organizations that have driven societal innovation through advanced technologies.

The “Kids Park” is also making a comeback this year, providing children with an opportunity to explore the excitement of technology, including piloting toy drones and controlling robots.

Through the Rakuten Technology Conference, the company aims to expand the horizons of possibilities that advanced technology can offer and provide attendees with the opportunity to make exciting new discoveries.

Join us in person at either Rakuten Crimson House in Tokyo or one of our satellite venues for the event, and stay tuned for further updates and detailed information on the conference at the official Rakuten Technology Conference 2023 website.

Event page:

Date and time: November 18, 2023 (Saturday), 10:00-18:00 JST

Make sure to register in advance for Rakuten Technology Conference 2023 to hear global leaders share their vision for the future of tech.

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