Business-Do: A Blueprint for Success

Business-Do gives you the principles you need on your own journey to success.
Business-Do by Hiroshi “Mickey” Mikitani is available now in eBook and from March 7 in hardcover.

How can you realize your dreams? It takes more than passion. To realize your dreams, you need to pair passion with skills.

This is the core theme of my new book, Business-Do, available now in eBook and from March 7 in hardcover. Business-Do is a detailed look at my guiding principles, offering specific instructions, stories and techniques to help anyone realise their dreams and achieve lasting success.

In Japanese characters, “Do” (道) represents the “way” or the “path” and it can be used to represent an essential philosophy, spirit or moral code. You might be more familiar with the term “Bushido,” which also uses this character and is loosely translated as the “way of the warrior.” This book breaks down my fundamental philosophy for business and leadership into useful lessons that you can put into practice. They reflect how I think and act when facing the various challenges business people must overcome.

We all need skills to realize our dreams. What’s more, we need a system and a process to acquire those skills and execute them. When we pair a dream with a system, extraordinary things become possible.

I had a dream over two decades ago, and I have spent my whole life since pursuing that dream. The company we started out to empower merchants in regional Japan through the internet has grown into a diversified company that spans the globe, and throughout our growth, I’ve constantly asked myself: How can I best communicate my method of achieving dreams and goals? What does one have to do to be truly successful? What shouldn’t one do? I often share my thoughts and my methodology with colleagues. Now I am inspired to share them more widely through this book.

This is a time of great change in the business world – a time when dreams could not be more important. We are constantly looking for innovation and inspiration. But we cannot hope these will simply burst into our lives one day. We must create the context for innovation and inspiration to occur.

When you are navigating change, it becomes that much more important to have guiding principles. These are the methods that help us move forward and achieve our dreams. They are principles that give us a system in which to operate effectively. It’s not about learning all the rules; if you follow just the rules that speak to you, I’m sure the doors of opportunity will open. By seeking out rules to guide you, you will find your path.

For more about Business-Do, including excerpts, photos and reviews, see this page.

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