Rakathon 2023 challenges participants to reimagine the future through GenAI

How can generative AI unlock new innovation in critical sectors? That will be the challenge posed to participants of Rakathon 2023, a fast-paced 24-hour hackathon, set to take place in-person at Rakuten Crimson House India in Bengaluru from September 8 to September 9, 2023. For the fifth iteration of Rakuten India’s Rakathon event, the spotlight will be turning to a topic that has commanded significant attention this year – generative AI.

The core aim of Rakathon 2023: To untap the potential of generative AI and solve for business challenges in the fields of Fintech and Commerce, Mobile and Telecom, and Privacy and Security. Participants from diverse backgrounds, including developers, engineers, AI experts, data scientists, entrepreneurs and students are encouraged to join this global coding extravaganza.

Sekhar MK, Vice President, Rakuten India, noted, “At Rakuten, we are harnessing the transformative power of generative AI to drive innovation and address pressing business challenges. We are genuinely excited to host Rakathon 2023, providing a dynamic platform for trailblazers and tech enthusiasts to converge, forge new connections, and most importantly, collaboratively develop solutions for three pivotal sectors. Together, through the synergy of generative AI and human ingenuity, we’re envisioning a better future.”

100 teams will be tasked with turning their ideas into viable business solution using Generative AI in just 24 hours. The event also boasts an eclectic line-up of speakers and jury members from Rakuten Group and the industry.

Leveraging GenAI to tackle critical business challenges

With Generative AI at the forefront, Rakathon 2023 aims to tackle critical business challenges across three key sectors:

Fintech and Commerce: Participants in this category will explore innovative strategies to enhance customer experiences, streamline financial operations and redefine transaction security using Generative AI.

Mobile and Telecom: The Mobile and Telecom segment will draw up concepts that aim to elevate communication networks, refine user interactions and unlock uncharted avenues, all powered by Generative AI.

Privacy and Security: In an era marked by growing concerns about data privacy and security, participants in this category will conceptualize advanced methods to safeguard sensitive data and fortify digital landscapes, leveraging the capabilities of Generative AI.

Rakathon 2022 revisited

Rakathon 2022 was all about Sustainability, Fintech, Data Democratization, Cloud and Observability. These themes inspired participants to create innovative solutions that addressed pressing challenges in these domains. Rakathon 2022 became a melting pot of ideas, creativity and collaboration, setting a high bar for future editions.

With over 3000 registrations so far, Rakathon 2023 is poised to be the company’s biggest Rakathon yet, empowering participants to develop their skills and providing a unique platform to turn innovative ideas into reality. It’s an opportunity to contribute to technological advancement in a collaborative environment that is sure to plant the seeds for much future GenAI development.

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