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Englishnization has changed the way Rakutenians work

Englishnization: A personal journey

There was a moment, shortly after starting his new job at Rakuten, when Teppei Kobayashi found himself wondering what he’d got himself into. Just days after he ...
Speed is important, not just because it gets you out in front early, but also because it generates momentum for your project.

How to navigate the business world at speed

In the early days of the internet, success was all about first-mover advantage — and speed was a part of that thinking. In fact, that need for speed was the ge...
Learning to code: Last year’s class of 262 non-engineer new grads were the first in Rakuten’s history to undergo a new type of training — programming.

Rakuten is teaching new grads to code

Every April, Rakuten welcomes hundreds of university graduates to Rakuten Crimson House in Tokyo to begin their careers. The transition from March to April is ...
Rakuten CEO Mikitani makes a point of speaking directly to employees around the world, answering their questions and explaining the reasons behind major company decisions, a practice critical to generating – and maintaining – buy-in.

Getting your team on board

After the publication of her book on the language of global success, Harvard Business School professor Tsedal Neeley came to visit us at Rakuten Crimson House ...
Hiroshi Mikitani answers audience questions: I recently asked a question on LinkedIn: “What would you like to know about me or Rakuten?” It was humbling to have received so many responses.

The big questions you wanted to ask

I’ve always enjoyed engaging with people on LinkedIn so recently I was very excited and grateful to see that I’m now directly connected on this platform with ov...