Rakuten.com unveils bold new look

Rakuten.com has rolled out a daring new design for its US marketplace that is at once both cutting-edge and true to its roots. It’s a contradiction that’s fully intended, as the company aims to highlight its technical prowess while staying true to Rakuten’s founding principle of merchant empowerment and the belief that shopping should be fun.

With a palette that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Duran Duran album cover from the ’80s, the design is immediately distinct. Colors pop off the screen and pages zip by, offering visitors a more vibrant, lively shopping experience than the average e-commerce player.

“Rakuten.com wants to bring some fun back into shopping – by putting customers first, investing in their experience shopping on the site and how they interact with our brand.  With this evolution, you’ll see our brand’s quirky personality shining throughout the shopping experience as we help you discover products to love,” commented Rakuten.com VP of Marketing & CX Kirstin Hornby.

Rakuten.Today showcased some highlights of the new design in the gallery above, but you can also check out the new look right now at Rakuten.com – don’t forget to refresh your browser’s cache 😉

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