My Rakuten Experience: Nozomi

Nozomi is senior manager of the sports & entertainment partnership activation section for Rakuten’s Branding Strategy Division.

Current Role

I am in charge of the section that manages sports and entertainment sponsorships within the Rakuten branding strategy division. I develop BtoC and BtoB measures by utilizing sponsorships for businesses in Japan like the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles and Vissel Kobe, Rakuten Japan Open, and the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Sports and entertainment have the power to move people regardless of age, nationality and gender. It is our mission, as a team of sixteen members, to maximize the value of our sponsorships, satisfy both the businesses and fans, raise brand awareness and contribute to the group’s service.

Nozomi manages sponsorships in sports and entertainment within the Rakuten branding strategy division.
Nozomi manages sports and entertainment sponsorships within the Rakuten branding strategy division.


I have worked in the fashion and sports industry for fifteen years. I started at Rakuten in 2018 after working on marketing, branding and product concept strategies in previous companies.

I studied fashion and English in New York in my late 20s. Interacting with people in New York, a city known as a cultural melting pot, made me want to work in an environment with a diverse culture. Next I moved to Vietnam. After returning to Japan, I worked in the French fashion industry and for a sports brand. I found it very interesting to work in the sports business where you create business by moving people’s hearts. I decided to change jobs and work for Rakuten in 2018 because I was fascinated by the fact that Rakuten started a sponsorship with a soccer team overseas.


Currently, I am working on the next generation of sponsorships in Japan. The Covid-19 pandemic posed numerous unprecedented challenges to the sports industry; and we have been working to create new sponsorship styles by developing innovative ways of watching games and interactive programs through digital transformation.

Sports is at the core of my career at Rakuten. I am highly motivated by the prospect of utilizing sports as a vital asset in business and pushing my limits when it comes to my profession.

The appeal of Rakuten

Rakuten is embracing a new model of sports sponsorships that moves beyond simply “posting logos,” to bring empowerment to communities and helping create a sustainable future for sports. For example, enabling sports fans in Japan to receive special goods, as well as, Rakuten Points, by selling autographed goods from players, or enabling users to interact with players outside of the games when they join the online point exchange program. It is a source of income for the team, and Rakuten can promote sales and support the sports partnerships as well.

Only Rakuten can make this sustainable sponsorship model possible by leveraging the Rakuten Ecosystem to create win-win-win relationships with all stakeholders. Being a part of this innovative evolution is an exciting part of working at Rakuten.

Interesting moments at Rakuten

I am able to learn new things and grow by taking on challenges outside of my main responsibilities. Not only does the company allow me this flexibility, but supports me as I take on new challenges.

Nozomi enjoys the opportunities to challenge herself outside of her duties at Rakuten.
Nozomi enjoys the opportunity to challenge herself and grow.

Career goals

It is my goal to help build the next generation of sports sponsorships in Japan and around the world. I also want to broaden my horizons and take an active role in creating new innovations that impact the larger global market.

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