Rakuten Optimism 2019 launches this summer: Japan’s newest premier business event and festival

Last September in San Francisco, Rakuten launched a completely new event. Dubbed “Rakuten Optimism,” the one-day conference brought together the worlds of business, tech and entertainment to share perspectives on the future, culminating in a private concert from Shakira, global pop icon and one of the most successful Latin recording artists of all-time.

Buoyed by the success of the inaugural event, Rakuten is now introducing Japan to Rakuten Optimism, with a 4-day premier business event and festival set to kick off on July 31, 2019. While some details are still a closely guarded secret, here’s what conference participants and festivalgoers can expect to see.

A 4-day celebration!

Rakuten Optimism 2019 is organized around two main events: The “Future World” interactive event and festival, which runs from July 31 to August 3; and the “Global Visions for the Future” business conference, which also extends across all four days of the event. The final evening of August 3 will feature Rakuten YOSHIKI Night, an invitation-only live performance by YOSHIKI for prize winners of a lucky draw campaign.

Global Visions for the Future: Welcome to the 5G Era

The Global Visions for the Future business conference program is inspired by the dawn of the 5G era. Speakers will discuss how science, tech and society can take advantage of the latest tech innovation and 5G infrastructure to shape the world of tomorrow. A glittering range of speakers include Intel CEO Robert Swan, Lyft co-founder and President John Zimmer, AirAsia founder and CEO Tony Fernandes, Nobel Prize recipient Shinya Yamanaka, and of course, Rakuten Chairman and CEO Mickey Mikitani, among many others.

The four-day Business Conference will feature top speakers from across the worlds of business, tech, entertainment and more.
The four-day Global Visions for the Future business conference will feature top-tier speakers from across the worlds of business, tech, entertainment and more.

The program will start with Fintech and Communications in the 5G Era on Day 1; followed by Lifestyles, Mobility & Branding in the 5G Era on Day 2; Medical, Sports & Entertainment in the 5G Era on Day 3; and close with the Rakuten Securities Seminar on Day 4.

Future World: An interactive event and festival (with Jedis!)

Guests interested in attending the business conference will need to purchase their tickets while they’re still available, but for the general public, the good news is that the Future World interactive event & festival is free to enter. Visitors can experience dozens of attractions ranging from futuristic interactive installations aimed at demonstrating what life will be like in a 5G-connected society; gourmet booths featuring some of the Rakuten marketplace’s most popular sweets and classic cuisines from around Japan; games and souvenirs featuring Rakuten’s official character, Okaimono Panda; the Rakuten Travel festival; and the not-to-be-missed Star Wars Jedi Academy, where kids aged 5-12 can become a padawan learner of the Jedi art of (balloon) lightsabers.

Rakuten Optimism will feature gourmet booths from some of the Rakuten marketplace’s most popular food vendors.
Rakuten Optimism 2019 will host gourmet booths from some of Rakuten Ichiba’s most popular food vendors from across Japan.

Rakuten YOSHIKI Night

Once again, Rakuten Optimism will feature a special guest performance from a global superstar. Following Shakira’s electric performance in San Francisco last year, Rakuten Optimism 2019’s musical headliner will be none other than YOSHIKI. The mononymous artist is known for being the co-founder, drummer and lead songwriter for the trailblazing visual kei rock band X-Japan, and also for his celebrated work as a classical performer.

Tickets to the show are reserved for the winners of a lucky draw campaign. Fans who participate in campaigns run by Rakuten Card, Rakuten Ichiba or Rakuten Mobile will be entered into the draw for a chance to win a ticket to the live performance.

Rakuten Optimism 2019 will undoubtedly be one of the company’s most ambitious and exciting events in its 20-plus-year history, and Rakuten Today will be offering extensive coverage of all the action. Follow along here and on Rakuten Today’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, so you don’t miss out on any of the fun!

For more information about Rakuten Optimism 2019, visit here.

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