How to train your economic dragon: Find out at Rakuten Future Forum Taiwan 2016

Since the industrial revolution, manufacturing has been considered the cornerstone of developing economies. But what happens when those economies mature to the point that manufacturing is no longer the best fit? That is the question Taiwan now faces as this Asian dragon looks to shed its scales in favor of a newer, sleeker, hi-tech skin.

On May 27, the Civil Service Development Institute in Taipei will play host to a forum of some of Taiwan’s top minds in business, tech, government, and media. Under the theme of “Breaking barriers of the traditional economy,” the second annual Rakuten Future Forum Taiwan aims to foster lively debate on how to incubate and accelerate the technological revolution, what it means for Asia, and other emerging trends.

Rakuten.Today will be on-site to capture and share the day’s best insights and most colorful moments. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and check our Future Forum page for updates and related stories. Here is a preview of what to expect:


Grace Wang
Grace Wang

Session 1: Empowering the Female Entrepreneur

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities for female entrepreneurs in Taiwan? What types of public and private sector support are available? Who are the role models? These questions and more will be tackled by a high-profile, all-female panel featuring Grace Wang, the prominent CEO of lifestyle company VVG; former Democratic Progressive Party spokeswoman Chia-Ching Hsu; and top Rakuten Taiwan merchant Momi Su.



Mr. 486
Mr. 486

Session 2: The Mobile Consumer-to-Consumer Market Space in Asia

C2C marketplaces have emerged as one of the hottest and fastest growing e-commerce segments in Asia. While they may trace a common ancestry to industry pioneer eBay, each brings a unique approach to the market. An expert panel featuring IDC analyst Sean Pien, Shoppe executive Joyce Yang, celebrity blogger Mr. 486 and Rakuma head Takafumi Inoue will explain what makes C2C marketplaces different and why they are the next big thing in Asia.



Alex Stephany
Alex Stephany

Keynote Speaker: Alex Stephany

CEO of JustPark and author of “The Business of Sharing,” Alex Stephany, will share his thoughts on the rising sharing economy and the challenges and opportunities it brings to the global e-commerce market.

We hope you are as excited as we are for what is sure to be an inspiring and informative event.

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